Lovecat: The Model Fanzine

We were rather enticed after viewing the sampling of videos representing Lovecat Magazine, a new fashion model “fanzine” (with a sexy pinup approach). The magazine, published quarterly, features models channeling their inner Marilyn (Norma Jean), showing their teeth (Oral Fixation) and rolling around in sexy lingerie (Chanel Iman Makes Grown Men Cry). Shot by both up-and-coming and established fashion photographers (e.g. Ellen Von Unwerth), Lovecat Model Fanzine provides readers with interviews of models and a mix of art, music, fashion and beauty (in unconventional form). Take Issue #1 the “Summer of Sex” issue, featuring actress Paz De La Huerta and the headline “Paz Ain’t No Pussy.” Now that they’ve got your attention…

The Girl Next Door is alluring, inviting, a little bit rock ‘n roll (and an ad for LeSportsac). Then there’s the video that started it all; “The Lovecats,” which (not surprisingly) incorporates the 1983 hit by The Cure. “So wonderfully pretty,” these models are indeed cat-like and playful— down on all fours, drinking milk from a bowl. [Cut to images of cats moving in the background.] We like this behind-the-scenes photoshoot with model Nicole Trunfio, who also re-invented “Pretty Woman” in the pages of Lovecat (and yes, she totally rocked the “before she hooked up with Richard Gere” clothing). 

Contributors to Lovecat, (founded by photographers Jacob Dekat & Prince Chenoa) include eccentric stylist Patricia Field, photographer Ellen Von Unwerth and filmmaker/photographer Jenna Elizabeth. Spotlight “Lovecat Bombshells” features interviews with (and provocative photos of) some of the industry’s most promising up-and-coming models. 

Lovecat Magazine is available at Opening Ceremony, Colette Paris, Berlin, London, Japan and selected retailers. 

We love the experience of this “magazine” and will be looking forward to the next issue. Meow.


The Experience Concierge