Music Spotlight: Eclectic Method

Or as we’re calling it this week: Entertainment to savor after spending several days with your family— or fighting off crowds at 3am on “Black Friday.” Speaking of black, join Darth Vader and “the dark side” in this EM mashup video of the same name. Should help alleviate parking lot aggression.

Led by founding member Jonny Wilson, Eclectic Method, “the quintessential artist of the digital generation,” has been at the forefront of visual-audio music production and performance since they began making music in London, circa 2001.

As their name suggests, every type of media is added to the chopping block to produce “mashups;” cutting and re-composing audio and video clips from music videos, film, TV and video games into new forms of “visual meta-pop mania.” Some have labeled EM a “transmedia hurricane.”

Worth a view, the clever: Lady Gaga and Tarantino mixtapes, “Back to the Future,” “Zombies” and the Charlie Sheen Remix. (Especially since they threw in a “Charlie Bit My Finger” clip— in addition to plenty of “winning.”)

EM has been commissioned as remix producers by Public Enemy, Phish and Fatboy Slim among others. U2 asked them to remix “Vertigo” (from their 2004 album “How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb”) and they even accepted a challenge from Stephen Colbert in 2009 after he stressed, “I’ll be very angry if anyone out there takes this interview and remixes it” (hint, hint).


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